Few Words from Alison

After her sprint to keep her third place in Plymouth '98

"It was a full sprint for sure, but a run of desperation. You've got to fight for every point, and you never know which race you'll have to drop. I think experience still counts for something out here," smiled Sydor.


After last year ('97) was marred by a snowboarding injury:


« It is hard to stay on top - that's one thing I always thought was an amazing ability Juli (Furtado) had - to keep winning when you're winning ... Sometimes when injuries like this happen, when you recover, then you end up working that much harder and reach the next level. I'm using it positively as material to get back up there. »
« the main thing is getting that confidence back, » she said.

« When you're mountain biking and you're used to being in front and no having too many people pass you ... then to have people pass you ... it's difficult to keep that confidence, to stay in front ... Confidence is a fragile thing, but it's absolutely crucial. I just need to get out there and start leading races again. »

" The world's have always been a focus for me, " she said. "Every athlete wants to have their most spectacular day in their own country. "


After her first victory in the WC at Napa 98 (since her last victory in 96):


"My advantage is certainly on the descents, and I made an effort to lead on the first descent," said Sydor.
"When you're leading the race, there's no pain at all. When you're leading you're going at your race pace."


After World Championships '95 in Kirchzarten:


I think when you win the first time everybody can say, " Oh well, so-and-so had a bad day " or " you just had a bit of luck. " But when you confirm it a second time is pretty special !


About the Cannondale MTB team:


" It is good team to be on because you have all your needs as a racer supplied. Everybody on the team is a top racer in their disciplin. I think there is a lot of mutual respect among st us all. "


Before Olympic Games in Atlanta:


" In Atlanta, there will be about 30 cyclists at the starting line. At the world championships, there are over 200. And at the world championships, the defending champion gets to wear the champion's jersey, and that's very important to me. I'd like nothing better than keep wearing it. "

After her Silver medal in Atlanta:


" I thought I might be disappointed ", Sydor said. " But I'm not. In sport you have to take what you have on the day and do what you can with it "
" I didn't want my Olympic experience to be a disappointment. that's what I worried about: coming here to such a special event and going away unhappy. "
" Racing's about giving your best and I certainly feel I did that today, So I'm not disappointed. "


About her family life:


" I am already unmarried, and I wish to stay unmarried for a long time. But why not a day, I will have a husband and some children. For the moment, it is too difficult. Being a pro-racer, I must always train, travel... No really, for the moment, it is impossible. "

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